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Dragon quest wiki

Dragon Quest[a] formally published as Dragon Warrior in North America until[b] is a series of Japanese role-playing video games created by Yuji Horii and his studio Armor Project. With its first game published inthere are eleven main-series games, along with numerous spin-off games. In addition, there have been numerous mangaanime and novels published under the franchise, with nearly every game in the main series having a related adaptation.

The series has had a significant impact on the development of console role-playing games, and introduced a number of features to the genre. Installments of the series have appeared on various computers, consoles, handheld devices, and mobile phones.

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Early in the series, the Dragon Quest games were released under the title Dragon Warrior in North America to avoid trademark conflict with the unrelated tabletop role-playing game DragonQuest. The basic premise of most Dragon Quest games is to play a hero who is out to save the land from peril at the hands of a powerful evil enemy, with the hero usually accompanied by a group of party members. Common elements persist throughout the series and its spinoff games: turn-based combat ; recurring monsters, including the Slimewhich became the series' mascot; a text-based menu system; and random encounters in most of the main series.

Dragon Quest has had the same core development team since its inception, as scenario writer and game designer Yuji Horiicharacter designer Akira Toriyamaand music composer Koichi Sugiyama have handled their respective roles on most games in the series. The original concepts, used since the first game, took elements from the Western role-playing games Wizardry and Ultima.

A core philosophy of the series is to make the gameplay intuitive so that players can easily start playing the games. The series features a number of religious overtones which were heavily censored in the NES versions outside of Japan.

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The first two installments were released in Japan on the Famicom and ported that same year to the MSX ; all four games have been remade for newer systems. No official reason was ever given. The series has also inspired arcade games such as the Japanese Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Roadwhere players compete for real-life cards with monster data that the arcade game issues to the players through a slot on its front.

The latter is the only spin-off series to have none of its titles released outside Japan. The game was successful in Japan. The gameplay is similar to the first game, though Torneko: The Last Hope is considered easier to play. Dragon Quest has also produced a number of smaller spin-off titles. In two of them players use their special controllers as a sword, swinging it to slash enemies and objects.

Kenshin Dragon Quest: Yomigaerishi Densetsu no Ken is a stand-alone game in which the controller is shaped like a sword, and a toy shield contains the game's hardware. Like the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games before it, the game allows players to play alongside various songs from the Dragon Quest franchise.

Beginning inthe media franchise expanded into other media, with a number of animemanga, and light novel adaptations. Following the success of a Dragon Quest III light novel, Enix began publishing more volumes starting from the first game in sequential order.

Enix published titles from every main series game previously released by March 23,as well as the first Torenko's Mystery Dungeon game. Starting with Shinsho Shousetsu Dragon Quest I ina new series by all three authors began publication.

The authors wrote new stories for their respective series, three stories for Hideo, nine for Saori, and three for Domon; with the latter's works featuring illustrations by Daisuke Torii. Several standalone titles and audiobook titles have also been released. Its success led to the three-chapter sequel, Dai Bakuhatsu!!! Several manga based on the games have been published.

Emblem of Rotoby Chiaki Kawamata and Junji Koyanagi, with art by Kamui Fujiwaraconsists of twenty-one volumes published between and It has been serialized since Februarywith 13 volumes released through The single-volume manga was released in and produced by Ishimori Productions.

It focuses on the creation of the series and features series creator Yujii Hori, programmer Koichi Nakamuracomposer Koichi Sugiyama, artist Akira Toriyama, and producer Yukinobu Chida. There are two major television series that were adapted from the games.Dhuran resembles a well-built male humanoid with a reddish skintone.

He wears a dark, simple, iron-like armor that doesn't cover much of its body. This attire is completed with an indigo cape.

Retroarch controls

He also wields a double-bladed weapon. This weapon is similar to its armor and has a black handgrip and two sharp, dark blades in each extreme. Despite being an enforcer of the Archfiend, Dhuran displays a noble attitude towards the Heroes.

For the sake of a fair fight, he orders his henchmen to allow the Heroes to approach him unharmed. After they pass his tests and prove they are indeed worthy adversaries, Dhuran fully heals the party so that they would not start the battle against him in a weakened state as opposed to his less ethical peers, namely Murdaw. After the heroes defeat Dhuran, he expresses gratitude that they have provided to him a noteworthy battle and harbors no resentment for besting him in combat. As a show of gratitude, he provides to the Heroes information about the Archfiend and the true nature of what they are up against.

Overall, Dhuran seems to value the sport of battle above all else, and is able to set aside his evil nature for the sake of fair combat. Dhuran is one of the Dread Fiends, and is the fourth one encountered. It is the seal on Cloudsgate Citadelhaving transformed it into its own flying castle. After the Hero and his party defeated the Stormsgate CitadelDhuran ordered his minions to let them in without conflict.

They beat the minions, prompting Dhuran to put Terry who offered his soul to him in exchange for power against them. They succeeded in defeating Terry, resulting in Dhuran healing them so that he can fight them at their best. Upon his defeat, Dhuran confessed that he, along with MurdawJamirus and Gracos are merely minions of of Mortamor the Archfiend. He told them that they will have to become much stronger to take the Archfiend down, and hopes that he and the Hero can meet in the next life to do battle once more.

Dhuran appears as the boss of the Gate of Reflection. He sends out two servants, then sends out a future version of Terryand finally decides to battle.

It strikes with its double-bladed weapon up to three times in one turn. One can be synthesized by mixing an Great dragon and a Lips. Dragon Quest Wiki. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Warning: Spoilers! Click expand to view content After the Hero and his party defeated the Stormsgate CitadelDhuran ordered his minions to let them in without conflict. Original SFC. Remakes DS, Mobile. Sprites Notable Changes None. Model Experience Gold Marked Version? Was once allies with a certain Archfiendbut was bested by a worthy warrior in his flying fortress.

Location s Story Item s Dropped None. Dhuran, from the Dragon Quest Sofubi Monster merchandise series.

Main Series. Additional monster recruits Super Famicom version only.Dragon Quest is a series of role-playing video games created by Yuji Horiiwhich are published by Square Enix formerly Enix. The first game of the series was released in Japan in on the Nintendo Entertainment Systemand Dragon Quest games have subsequently been localized for markets in North America, Europe and Australia, on over a dozen video game consoles.

In addition to traditional role-playing games, the series includes first-person adventure gamesportable gamesmassively multiplayer online role-playing gamesand games for mobile phones. Dragon Quest is Square Enix's second most successful franchise internationally behind the Final Fantasy franchise, having sold over 78 million units worldwide to date.

The original game in the series, renamed Dragon Warrior outside Japan, was released in in Japan and in North America.

That game was also the first main series game to be released outside Japan and North America. Many games, particularly the main series, have soundtrack album releases featuring their music in different arrangements. Square Enix has also consistently released companion books for its games, which provide additional backstory and plot information, as well as detailed walkthroughs.

The majority of the games and media related to the series have only been released in Japan. Several of the titles in the series feature characters and enemies from Dragon Quest games.

dragon quest wiki

A project focused on three games about the anime adaptation of the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai manga. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Franchise of video games and media. Square Enix. June 9, Retrieved June 10, Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved October 13, Archived from the original on November 23, Retrieved November 23, Retrieved October 12, Retrieved October 19, Archived from the original on May 30, Crave Online.

Retrieved November 21, Digital Trends. Retrieved September 12, GAME Watch. Retrieved September 7, August 3, Retrieved October 24, Retrieved August 16, Retrieved November 12, Archived from the original on May 25, Retrieved December 24, Retrieved October 16, Retrieved October 17, Retrieved October 18, Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved July 28, The game was first revealed during a livestream on July 28, The game protagonist is a young man who grew up in a serene, quiet town.

When he participates in the village's coming-of-age ceremony, he discovers that he is the reincarnation of a hero that once saved the world, and is burdened with a great mission. He sets off across the world of Erdreawhere he is joined by allies, including a snarky child prodigy, a blunt thief, and an over-the-top entertainer. Gameplay of Dragon Quest XI varies by console. In the 3DS version, there are two modes that players can toggle between while playing. One version of the gameplay is traditional to the early games of the Dragon Quest series where it is 2D, while the other is that of IX gameplay with a slight mix of the old style of gameplay.

The PS4 version is similar to that of X gameplay, where it is more fluid than it would be on a handheld console, due to restrictiveness of quality on handheld consoles.

Square Enix predicted that the game will take 50 hours to complete; if one completes all its side activities. The player can traverse the world using the Zoom spell, a ship and various monsters, including a giant whale.

The turn-based battle system provides an accessible experience that features mechanics simple enough for the novice but with enough depth to satisfy hardcore fans. Heroes can use physical, magic, and special attacks.

Squads can be tweaked with an occasional substitution, to try to find the perfect combination to take down particularly tricky monsters.

During combat characters can also get pepped up, increasing their stats. When a character gets pepped up, they will gain bonuses to several of their attributes. When more than one party member is pepped up, they can work together to unleash collaborative attacks known as pep powers. Certain party members pair better than others. For example, the Luminary works best with Erik. These pairings are intuitive based on the story.

Aside from the main story, there are many side quests available. The Quest Catalogue serves as a guide to browsing completed quests and those still underway. Quest are received from NPCs with a purple icon over their heads. Quests can vary from retrieving things for the person to completing tasks and more.

On completion of the quest, the player will be given a pop-up informing them of its completion and that they should return to the requestor for a reward. The Character Builder is where players can use skill points to teach their party members new spells and abilities, and also improve their attributes.

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When they unlock a particular panel, the ones surrounding it will become available, expanding options ever further. Different skills cost different amounts of points which can be There are also secret skills that are only unlocked when all the surrounding skills have been unlocked.

Each character has different skill paths they can follow, for example the Luminary has swords, greatswords, etc. Camping allows the party to recover all their HP and MP just as a stay at an inn would, but for free. Players can also record their progress by praying at a sacred statue, and some campsites even have their own merchants. Camp sides are scattered throughout the word and can be identified by a fire icon on the map.

After camping with Erik you will receive the fun sized forge which allows you to craft different items using materials from your inventory.The Healslime is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.

Healslimes are similar to jellyfish, having blue, oblong heads with yellow tentacles dangling underneath. Their eyes are often the same yellow color as their tentacles, though there are instances where their eyes are white. While stronger than normal Slimes, Healslimes are still mediocre combatants and make themselves most threatening when they heal other, more powerful monsters before the player has a chance to subdue them.

Because of this, defeating the Healslimes in an enemy group first is often the best course of action if the player cannot defeat the other enemies before they can be healed.

dragon quest wiki

Many enemies such as the Restless armour have the ability to summon a Healslime in battle and it is the most often summoned monster in all of the Dragon Quest Series. Healslimes prove to be the first instance in the series where monsters can actually help the player in combat: Ragnar McRyan is assisted by a Healslime named Healie during his quest to save a group of missing children. Note: Healslimes are also summoned by Restless armours for backup.

A Healslime then Healer is the first boss monster that the player encounters, this particular Healslime being Hale, one of the King of GreatTree's favorite monsters. Hale will want to join upon his defeat, an offer the player should take up due to the healing and support spells the Healslime can offer. The healer is a two-star member of the Slime family with a weight of 3. It naturally learns HealHealUs and Upper.

Its in-game description reads "It relies on magic power, so it's cautious about MP. Healslimes appear as rank F members of the Slime family and are the last rank F monster in that family. They can be found wandering about Xeroph Isle during daytime. The healslime is a Rank F monster in this game.

Dragon Quest IX [#FIN] - Ultimativer Endboss

They can be found underground in the Doubtback, at night and during the day; though during the day, they are less numerous thanks to the Dracky being more common in the caves then. Healslimes can also be found underground in the Doubtback when it's raining, with about the same frequencies during both times of day; though instead of being interspersed with Drackies, they are then interspersed with Wild boarfish. Wild healslimes, when scouted, naturally have the "Healer" and "Agility Boost" skill paths, as well as possibly having another "Wild" Skill path in addition.

The best friend of the player's character, Rocket, is a Healslime named Hooly. He wears a red scarf.The game was localised for North American release inbut the title was changed to Dragon Warrior to avoid infringing on the trademark of the pen and paper game DragonQuest.

The North American version of the game was greatly improved graphically over the Japanese original, and added a battery-backed save feature, whereas the Japanese version used a password system. Nintendo was impressed with the Japanese sales of the title and massively overproduced the cartridge; the end result was that Nintendo gave away copies of Dragon Warrior as an incentive for subscribing to Nintendo Powerthe company's in-house promotional magazine.

Dragon Quest was one of the first turn-based role-playing games to have widespread success and is considered a pioneer in the development of the genre.

Along with Final FantasyDragon Quest would spawn a successful franchise that would become the de facto standard for role-playing video games. Dragon Quest is one of the first console RPGs role-playing games. The player controls a single character who is able to travel from town to town exploring on his quest.

He can equip various weapons and armor and battles enemy monsters in one-on-one combat. As more enemies are defeated, the hero becomes stronger and able to explore greater distances as he completes his quest.

Ultimately, the hero must defeat an evil boss marking the end of his adventure. This game formula was replicated in most, if not all, console RPGs. After this terrible attack the people were terrified to walk outside again. Many men were killed traveling between places and people locked their doors at night. At night, they could hear the Slimes scratching and mumbling along the walls of Tantegel.

The King fell into a deep depression over his kidnapped daughter, even though the legends told of a descendant of Erdrick coming to restore peace. The King believed it to be a myth until one day a scrawny-looking young man appeared at the King's feet and asked permission to retrieve the Ball of Light and Princess Gwaelin.

Since many other hapless warriors had volunteered and failed, the King had already given up hope. But he sees a light in this young man's eyes and knew he was the descendant of Erdrick.

dragon quest wiki

Giving him a few items and some gold, the King sends the warrior out. After traveling the length and breadth of Alefgard and becoming more and more powerful, the Hero eventually discovers Princess Gwaelin in the clutches of a Green Dragonwho is hiding her in a cave.

After killing the dragon, the Hero lifts her onto his back and carries her all the way back to Tantegel, to the delirious joy of everyone there. Finally, after strengthening himself through all the battles he has fought and the mystical items he has uncovered, including the immensely powerful Erdrick's Sword, the Hero enters Charlock Castle, the Dragonlord's domain, and kills him, temporarily freeing Alefgard from the terror of evil.

Gwaelin proposes to him and King Lorik offers him the throne; he accepts the former offer but declines the latter, opting instead to venture to lands unknown and found his own kingdom. Several conveniences were added, such as a vault for storing gold and items, and a streamlined menu system.

Monsters yield more experience and gold after being defeated to reduce the amount of time needed to raise levels and save up for purchases. The Super Famicom remake was marketed exclusively in Japan due to the absence of Enix America Corporationbut it was unofficially translated into English and Spanish through emulation by online fan translation group RPG-One in Together, these first three games comprise what is known as the Erdrick trilogy.

As the first game in the series, Dragon Quest has served as a significant influence in almost every spinoff game. As with every Dragon Quest, Koichi Sugiyama composed the music and directed all the associated spinoffs. Here is the track listing for the Dragon Quest I portion of that release:. Beta and Unused elements. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.There is a new Dragon Ball -inspired tension system, allowing combatants to spend a turn "Psyching Up" which will build up "tension".

Tension will increase the power level of their next attack or spell. Tension can be charged repeatedly up to 4 levelsincreasing attack power in each stage. There is a new party AI option to focus on using high-tension attacks, replacing the old "Leave it to me" option.

Tension can be used to overcome a monster's resistance to physical or elemental attacks.

Tactical foregrip or commando foregrip

Attempting to reach the fourth, "super-high tension" state has a chance of failure, depending on the character's level. Also, some monsters are able to instantly reach the third stage of tension, and will then repeatedly attempt to reach the super-high level. Each character has five skill values that can increase during the course of the game; three are associated with the character's three favored weapon types, one with unarmed combat, and one with the character's special ability.

Skill points awarded on level-up, or when using a skill seedcan be distributed among the five skills by the player. Increasing a skill beyond certain fixed levels grants additional powers and bonuses to statistics when the player is using an appropriate type of weapon. At a certain point in the game, the party receives an Alchemy Pot. This device can be used to combine two items into a third usually more powerful item following various recipes.

The combination takes a certain amount of time, depending on the power of the combined item and the level of the pot. This "time" only advances as the party moves. Later in the game, the pot is upgraded to hold three items, allowing additional, even more powerful recipes. An invalid recipe will be rejected immediately without consuming the items, allowing the player to experiment to find new recipes.

In the Bonus Dungeon, the player can choose to take a pot that can mix items instantly as a prize for defeating the Lord Of The Dragovians.

New recipes or clues to new recipes are revealed in various books and scraps of paper found throughout the game.

All recipes the player has discovered are listed in a "recipe book" accessed through the alchemy menu; recipes which are only partially known from a clue will have some item names replaced with "????. Vehicles are shown at their actual size, and the world map is scaled down appropriately when they are in use.

The ship has a bridge which it uses to dock with the land, and its altitude can be changed to match the shorter cliffs, if necessary. The other available vehicles are a great sabrecat steed summoned with a magic bellwhich moves much faster than the hero, allowing the party to move further between random encounters although they still occur at the same rateand a Godbird's soulstonewhich allows the party to turn into birds.

Although the party has a wagon throughout the game, it has no effect on gameplay, since the party is essentially fixed throughout the game. Also, it is not normally shown on the display. With the cursed artifact, he transforms the inhabitants of Trodain into plant-like statues, as well as changing the king into a toad-like monster and the princess into a horse, while covering the majority of the castle in large, green magical thorns.

The Hero. Accompanying the cursed king and princess, he hunts Dhoulmagus, in hopes of restoring Trodain to its former glory. The Hero is eventually joined on his quest by three companions: a scarred, inarticulate bandit named Yangusa young magician named Jessicaand Angeloa rapier-wielding Templar knight and self-proclaimed ladies' man.

During their travels, the party runs into Dhoulmagus several times. A couple of these encounters involve Dhoulmagus killing someone beloved by members of the Hero's party. The party finally tracks down Dhoulmagus to the Dark Ruinsonly to find a powerful dark magic barrier preventing them from entering.

A group of fighters from Baccaratwho wish to slay Dhoulmagus in retaliation for the murder of the town's mayor, Golding, also arrive at the ruins and advise the party to seek the Magic Mirror of Argonia in order to enter the ruins. In the process of gaining the mirror, the party is asked to aid the current heir to the Kingdom of Argonia, Prince Charmlesin his initiation, a task that involves him in retrieving an Argon heart from a lizard in the royal hunting ground.


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