Norwood 6 hair transplant reddit

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Norwood 6 hair transplant reddit

Remember Me? Page 28 of 29 First Hi, I'm new to all of this. I decided to join after just googling random hair questions and bald truth always coming up. I decided to join when I realized I have a rare but horrible situation.

So imheading for a Norwood 6 and I've already had like 5 procedures. Um, all strip, didn't know there was anything else. Jeez not quite there but soon will need roconstuction work for the strip surgery.

Didn't know due existed til resently.

FUE hair transplant on Norwood 6 type patient - part 1

Norwood 6 Hi, I'm new to all of this. Stick around here bro!! There are a good portion of members like myself that are here to HELP Also what age are you now?

norwood 6 hair transplant reddit

That is important info as well. I saw your thread this morning on my smartphones email. I want to try and give you good commonsense advice if I can!! Ive got some cool info' to talk with you ,and others, about. Thank you for replying artistas. I've read a lot of your posts. You are always positive and helpful.

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I'm 29 and from the u. I started balding at age 17 and freaked out like the normal cliche thing to do at that age. I fell for the Bosleycommercials as a desperate teen and now am stuck with minoxidil and concealers. Like I said, was on tour and was just in denial longer than I should have been.

I have thick dense and curly characteristics, so I've been getting away with balding longer than expected.

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I read that's what you've been looking for so even though I made wrong decisions I added myself here just to help with my poor decisions. Plz be patient with me working up to post pics.

To be honest, I'm still a bit superficial about it all and it doesn't even look that bad now. Just when you know it's heading there soon. I understand the views of yeahyeahyeah but do not want to sound like that and understand realistic expectations. Plz reply people's. Support is needed. Hello Intoodepp!! Sorry by I'm at work right now. I WILL respond tomorrow morning. Second, I think NW6 can certainly have good outcomes but, as I have said elsewhere, it is all about expectations.

If you are NW5 or NW6, full coverage is extremely tough to achieve unless you have ideal hair characteristics, which most people do not have.The Norwood scale has been a popular baldness-measuring device since the s. It lists the seven most frequently observed patterns of baldness in men, along with a number of commonly seen variations.

Below is a quick overview of the Norwood Scale. Type IIA is generally considered the first stage of balding. My goal here is simple: to make this the best, most in-depth, layman-friendly post on the Norwood Scale on the internet.

You rarely see grown men Caucasians especially with Norwood 0 hairlines. A Norwood 0 indicates no recession whatsoever and often descends slightly at the corners. Young boys often have hairlines like this. President Reagan enjoyed a juvenile hairline for life.

norwood 6 hair transplant reddit

President Reagan enjoyed a lush, full, childlike hairline into his 90s, and President Clinton is still showing off his juvenile hairline to this day, despite some reasonably mild, age-related thinning. Wikipedia Commons. Original is here. DiCaprio has a mature hairline with slightly receded corners. He does not appear to be balding. Their hairline corners will also recede, creating a v-shaped pattern of sorts.

Some of them have good genetics, others wear hair systems, many get transplants, and some just let nature take its course and grow bald gracefully, too. Tom Hanks has had a relatively mild, type III, m-shaped receded hairline for many years. Type III balding is generally regarded as the most common pattern of baldingbut it can take on many different appearances depending on its degree of severity. Recession at the hairline corners is always observed. It can take on at least four different shapesby my estimation, including:.

He sported a relatively mild, m-shaped, receding hairline in the early s. The difference between type III and IV balding can be fairly subtle, with more recession in the frontal hairline observed in the latter case.

In type IV balding, the bald spot on the vertex starts to become prominent, but there is still a solid band of hair across the mid-scalp region, which separates the frontal hairline from the vertex. Doug Stamper from House of Cards is looking good, rocking his type V pattern with total confidence. More bare skin is exposed on both the front and back of the head, and the bridge that separates the two balding areas starts to deteriorate.

James Galdolfini, a member of my bald hall of fameappeared to show a Norwood type 5 pattern. And he made that type 5 look awesome! Without him, Hitler may very well have won the war. The band between the front and rear sections of the hairline further diminishes in Nowrwood type VI balding.

The hair on the top of the head tends to be very sparse. LD is a prominent leader in the bald community. This is the most severe type of hair loss.

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Men who develop a type VII pattern usually begin the balding process in their late teens or early 20s, although there are plenty of exceptions to this general rule. Larry David, by the way, is another member of my personal bald hall of fame. Where does Trump fit on the Norwood scale?

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Nowhere, as far as I can tell! Is his hair even real?This site does not publish advertisements, does not use data for the purpose of sending advertising, but makes use of third-party services in order to improve the use of the site.

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Any of you members that had lost a significant amount of hair and have had HT surgery. I am certain that there are many people who have had a successful HT or HTs and then moved on with their lives never returning back to here.

I would really appreciate all of your comments now. I'm a NW5 going on 6 apparently after examination by Dr. Bisanga in Brussels and I'm gonna take the plunge in six months. My first FUE is scheduled in february with Dr. De Reys. My case is special apparently as Bisanga said he didn't encounter people as worse off at my age 23 everyday.

I would also like to hear other success story of people recovering from the horror of true baldness at a young age through surgery. I'm sick of those "success stories" when you see people going from NW2 to NW1. Hair transplants should be for bald people, not 45 years old NW2's willing to risk their sexual health.

Hi Fred Thank you so much for starting off the comments With your Personal experience and upcoming Surgery!! I'm sure you're going to do okay My friend. I too was 23 at the time. I'm still a norwood 6. I was a NW6, I had my session with Dr. Wong on June 6th Originally Posted by newstart. Originally Posted by Artista. Last edited by 35YrsAfter; at PM. Bobman did not "refuse" anything, at least not in the context that he was hiding something.

Bobman has posted more photos of his head than most other online patients and by the time he posted the photos in the thread you reference he was pretty much done with the photo taking routine. He's given back to the community a hundred fold and wasn't going to be called out by a newbie. He paid his dues already. And why is a part down the middle required? Who wears this style nowadays anyway? It isnotand middle parts look silly on anyone without long hair. I find this point to be useless as even Bobman answered his critic by happily saying that his result was not full density and it was never intended to be.

This is a numbers game and the numbers do not add up for full density.Menu Forums Forums Quick Links. Members Quick Links. HairLossTalk Forums. Dismiss Notice Forum Update: Aug Feedback for the Admin?

Upgrade coming: Click Here. Devop Established Member My Regimen. Hey guys. As I am very young and heading on to final Norwood 6 Pattern I searched days and days for good Hair Transplant results on this high status. First, thanks for posting.

I am always interested in NW6 cases. Second, these are all good results, but I think it should be stressed that these are some pretty big surgeries in some very good candidates and, IMHO, these are not typical results. Also, some of the numbers do not add up as one of the FUE cases comes out to an average of 3 hairs per FU, which is very unusual.

Third, recognize that, for all intents and purposes, most of these guys are burning all of their donor often in 1 session to get these results. That is not necessarily a bad choice, but it is a bit risky. There is a dark side to these megasessions in that they don't always have the best yield and if you burn all of your grafts in one giant operation and it does not go well plenty of examples of this online you may be stuck with limited options for repairing things.

I am not saying that megasessions are bad they can save you a lot of time if they go well, that's for surebut they are talked about online as maybe being a bit better than they are in real life. Nice thread, but you'll probably get a few "but, my donor is thinning too! The truth is, the vast majority of balding men out there can be saved with FUE megasessions. Whether they'll do something about their situation or not is another story. They'll find every excuse in the book to rationalize why they can't do anything about their baldness so they can keep on having a clear explanation to why their life is in shambles.

Walt White dislikes this. Thanks at all. I guess there'some guys out their which are heading on to a nw7 and cant stop it. I feel very sorry for them as well. But from what i've seen and i found a lot of result spending hours on these pages now to get hope: IHMO if yo choose the right doctor and find your best medical treatment there is hope to improve thingsin a very good way!

I also never thought about getting a nw0 with my nw5 to 6 pattern and fine hair but I have a realistic expectation with a very conversative hairline and keep up with my treatmens, so I will be ok in less then 2 years, i hope. Yeah, modern hair transplant surgeons can do a lot.

They can't return a NW7 to fullhead but they can put hair in your crown and give you a conservative hairline and make it look better than it did.Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopeciaaffects millions of men all across Canada to varying degrees. For some, hair loss is gradual and moderate. For others, however, the hair loss can be rapid and extreme, leaving those individuals most impacted by male pattern baldness searching for ways to restore their hair and hairline.

The Norwood Scale is the universally accepted standard for measuring the progression and severity of male pattern baldness. There are 7 stages of male pattern baldness on the Norwood Scale, which are both diagnostic and predictive. Typically, male pattern baldness can be predicted using the Norwood Scale, because androgenic alopecia progresses in a specific pattern, hence its commonly known name, male pattern baldness. At the onset of androgenic alopecia, the hair will begin to thin at the temples, crown, and hairline, while the sides and back of the head typically remain unaffected.

The Norwood Scale is a revolutionary tool in the diagnostic success of hair transplant surgery. Doctors advise that hair transplant procedures be performed before the prospective patient has reached level 6 on the Norwood Scale. When an individual ranks 6 of 7 on the Norwood Scale, the majority of hair at the crown and hairline has fallen out.

Although for the most dramatic results, it is ideal to be measured at a level 5 or lower, it is possible to undergo hair transplant surgery once the patient has reached a mature age, regardless of placement on the Norwood Scale. People who are interested in restorative hair procedures but are also concerned that they may not be ideal candidates for a hair transplant in Toronto perhaps due to their limited donor area or the advanced stages of their hair loss should note that there is significant evidence to support using treatments e.

Propecia to prevent future hair loss. In some users, these products have been reported to stimulate growth in dormant follicles. For those people who are able to stimulate the growth of dormant follicles, it is important to commit to a regular treatment regimen, as discontinuation could cause any hair that had experienced regrowth while under treatment to fall out again.

Boasting a wealth of experience, Dr. Torgerson and his team are trained to repair and reverse male pattern baldness, regardless of where the patient falls on the Norwood Scale. For more information about hair transplants in Toronto, contact Dr. Torgerson and his knowledgeable staff at to arrange a personal consultation to discuss your hair restoration options. May 23, by Brian Kessler in Patient Resources.

What Is The Norwood Scale? Diagnosing Male Pattern Baldness The Norwood Scale is a revolutionary tool in the diagnostic success of hair transplant surgery. Individuals with very advanced hair loss level 6 or 7 on the Norwood Scale may find that their donor areas are not able to accommodate the number of grafts required to give the hair density that is desired, which is why, for best results, it is recommended that potential recipients of hair transplant surgery undergo treatment before stage 6.

There is, however, an advantage to being at an advanced level of the Norwood Scale. By level 6, typically hair loss has slowed or halted, which seems to negate the effects of effluvium sheddinga temporary side effect that occurs in the weeks following a hair transplant.

Alternatively, the patient may opt to focus on restoring the hairline, recreating its natural shape, and then wait to begin grafts to the crown until after the hairline is fully restored. Brian Kessler. He has extensive experience with managing all kinds of businesses and people. After the loss of his house in the fires of Fort McMurray, Brian and his family relocated to Toronto.Dr Reddy's niche is in acheiving natural hairlines with great density, along with perfect angles and temple angle closure.

To date, he has performed more than successful hair restoration procedures, both in the UK and overseas. With the personal trauma suffered from sub-optimal surgery, Dr Reddy has a personal motto of making sure that none of his patients go through the same.

This 32 year old gentleman presented to us with a Norwood 6 hairloss pattern. He had done extensive research and had ruled out FUT as he was not keen on having a scar.

norwood 6 hair transplant reddit

He understood that his options were limited to either having a high hairline or poor density. He chose to go with a high hairline. Dr Reddy qualified him for an FUE as he had a tight scalp and a reasonable donor area. Dr Reddy was able to extract grafts over 2 days using a 1.

Acell was extensively used for the donor and recipient areas. He was prescribed Propecia to thicken his crown hair.

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Raghu Reddy is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. I've been to see Dr Reddy. Some of his work is gobsmacking. And he is a nice man too.

Norwood 6 Hair Trainsplant Inspirations, For Those Who Suffer

Shame about the price. Well, I suppose, you pay for what you get Definitely an FUE "mega session. Thank you for sharing. All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician. Incredibly uneven hair line though Also available in paperback edition.

Feller, July 27th Very happy with my results. Myths dispelled. Educate yourself.

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Everything FUE. Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired. Dr reddy and the patient deliberated for a long time about the hairline but in the end it was down to the patients choice. Also it was a huge job so the hairline choice was a bit limited. The patient is planning to come for a follow up to get it perfect. I wouldn't go as far as saying that we are expensive.


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